Meli Eichler

Catherine Chinatree

Everything, everywhere, and all at once. Through movement to stillness, the norm to the supernatural, fear to ecstasy, Catherine is fascinated by the dual nature of everything. Based in Margate Catherine is a multidisciplinary artist, with a strong focus on large scale paintings, both indoors and outside.

Being of Welsh, Caribbean and Irish descent, she is deeply rooted in hybrid culture, and the idea of a shared reality. Not only between us as humans, but also everything that makes up our natural/supernatural world, and how we balance between the two. 

It was fascinating to portray Catherine through a multi faceted lens. Documenting the interaction between her and her environment as she went about her day.

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“Somebody once asked me to name one thing I am passionate about, and would like to change for  the world. My response was to enter everything from a non hierarchy point, to not look up to,  or down on anything. My practice responds to this ideal of mine through creating connections in a rhizomatic way, which allows for multiple ideas to enter and exit the work at random, inclusive of all angles.”  

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Thanks so much to Catherine for letting me into her world. Please check out her work and follow her journey here:

website / instagram